Scoot over Yellowstone, The Everglades National Park is One of a Kind

Posted by on Mar 6th 2016

Scoot over Yellowstone, The Everglades National Park is One of a Kind

Imagine yourself gliding through the land of marshes, swamps, and mind-boggling wildlife. Leave aside your

daily chores for a while and make your way to something different. Start your day with an exciting airboat ride

or get up-close with the Florida Alligator! It is a well-admired place where you as well as your family members

can have a good time together.

A famous natural wonder of South Florida, Everglades National Park widens your scope of spotting wildlife,

which is exclusively found here. Some of the incredible places that add galore to Everglades National Park are

as follows:

Shark Valley Observation Tower

The Observation Tower at Shark Valley is a prominent attraction in the Everglades. On a bright and sunny day,

you may get a clear picture of the park’s boggy locale. Located about 7 miles from the Shark Valley Center, it

makes a great choice for both family vacationers and independent travelers. There isn’t any provision to bring

your personal automobiles along. However, you can always access it on foot, ride a bicycle or head for a tram


Gumbo Limbo Trail

Reach the Gumbo Limbo Trail from the Royal Palm Visitor Center. For a real adventure, you may walk past the

jungle. The gumbo limbo trees give a fascinating look to the forest. The trail is not suited for cyclists, but then

those on wheelchairs will find no difficulty in navigating it.

Airboat Tours

Riding an airboat is a must do activity when in Everglades National Park. Board an airboat and sail across some

of the incredible attractions that this adventure land is home to. It widens your scope to get up-close and

personal with the alligators. And if you don’t mind being a bit adventurous on your trip, then try hugging a baby

alligator! After you have enjoyed an airboat ride, prefer making your way to alligator shows and exhibits.

Anhinga Trail

The joy of taking a self-guided walk past the 0.8-mile Anhinga Trail is no less exciting. Even this trail is not

open to bicyclists, but then, those on strollers and wheelchairs can navigate easily.

Bicycle Tours

See the Everglades wildlife from a new perspective. Ride a bicycle and maximize your chances of spotting a

wide variety of wildlife. You may either carry your personal bicycle or rent one from the Shark Valley Visitors

Center. The Shark Valley Observation Tower Trail is a superb choice for cyclists.

Canoe the Everglades

Get into the waters to feel the actual essence of the River of Grass! Rent a canoe and discover the water trails of

the park.

Camping in the Everglades

The Everglades is home to a wide array of backcountry and front-country camping choices. You can go

camping on the T-loop site or on the different front-country sites.

No matter what your likes and preferences are, you’ll certainly have a unique experience. You can travel on

foot, by boat or up in the air, to get the feel of the mystifying nature of the Everglades! Plan a trip to the

Everglades National Park soon and give wings to your adventure dreams. For tours and packages, we are only a

call away!