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Everglades Tours - Safari Adventure

Experience the variety of the swamp by exploring the Everglades ecosystem. Take a guided safari tour to get the true safari essence in North America. The safari tours are an inimitable way to experience the breathtaking sensation of an airboat ride. Board the safest airboats in South Florida and make your way to the tranquil beauty of the natural backwoods of the Everglades National Park.

What to See on Your Everglades Tours? The joy of touring the Everglades is something that you cannot always express in words. Take a safari tour and you’ll spot huge alligators, soft-shelled turtles, and a variety of plant and animal life. And when done with the activities, you can walk up to the nearby restaurant and munch on some authentic delicacies.

The Different Tours A sightseeing tour of the Everglades from Miami is a pleasant experience. The tour takes you on a visit to the biggest remaining marshland in the world. Moreover, the thrilling sensation of an airboat ride is something that you will treasure for a lifetime. When in the Everglades, you’ll find plenty of tours to match your taste. Take any and see the best that this eco- wonderland has to offer. Some of the choices include:

Eco Adventure Tour: Take a 30-40 minute ride and make your way to the Everglades eco-system. It a well- narrated tour that gives you the opportunity to watch alligator shows and other wildlife shows. Besides, you can also get access to the park’s jungle trail and observation platform. And if you have always longed to hold a baby alligator in your arms, then it promises to fulfill this dream of yours as well. You don’t need to make any reservations in advance as the safari tours depart at intervals of half an hour. You can also choose private everglades tour for a more personalized experience. You can either take a 40-minute or 60- minute ride into the national park with a professional guide, or bank on a two-hour island-hopping tour as well as a seasonally available sunset tour.

Jungle of Wilderness Tour: Take a personal safari airboat and make your way to an inexplicable journey amidst nature’s wilderness. As you head for this awesome tour, our professional guide will narrate it to you. And the mesmerizing views that you see en route are worth mentioning. Additionally, the tour also maximizes your chance to see deer, turtles, see raccoons, wild hogs, alligators, native flora and fauna & other exotic wildlife.

Tamiami Trail Tour: An Everglades safari tour must be included in your "to do list" as this is surely one of the major highlights of your Florida visit, particularly for the kids. A safari ride at Everglades National Park on Tamiami Trail is an awesome experience that you should experience once in a lifetime. If you are not keen on zipping around in the small airboats, then you can bank on large boats for a more comfortable ride. Touring the safari park has it own magical charm. For an impeccable experience, you can bank on our tours and packages.