Everglades National Park is the Real Deal

Posted by www.EvergladesNationalPark.com on Feb 7th 2016

Everglades National Park is the Real Deal

Everglades National Park is merely an hour drive from Miami-the Magic City. The park surrounds 1.5 million

acres of subtropical and tropical surroundings with one of the world’s most unusual ecosystems. The Everglades

was given the status of a National Park in 1934. Since then, it has also been tagged as a Wetland of International

Significance, an International Biosphere Treasure, and a World Heritage Site.

Everglades and its Visitors

A bare minimum of about one million people across the globe visit the Everglades every year. Basically, there

are three chief entry points. First, there’s the Gulf Coast Visitor Center that is nearest to Naples as well as south

of Everglades City. Second, we have the Shark Valley region, which may be accessed by US 41. And finally,

we have the Ernest F. Coe Visitor Center, the park’s prominent headquarters.

Everglades Shelters a Diverse Wildlife

The Florida Everglades houses a varied array of wildlife with the park’s five unique habitats: Mangrove,

Hammock, Sawgrass, Pineland, and Slough. Some of the prominent animals that you can see here include

alligators, tree frogs, the American crocodile, Key deer, manatee, otters, and the Florida panther. The park also

sees a variety of migratory birds every year.

Weather Conditions

The tropical climate implies that there are two essential seasons in the Miami Everglades: wet and dry. From the

months of December to April, the dry season brings in low humidity. The temperature too is mild at this point

of time, in between 53°F to 77°F.

This is the prime time that lures visitors because during these months the water levels are significantly low and

the animals gather together in central water regions. The wet season usually lasts from May to November.

During these months, temperatures may exceed up to 90°F. Humidity levels are usually higher and it rains most

of the time.

Different Tours for Vacationers

There are several Everglades tours available at the Everglades National Park and Gator Park. Whether you want

to explore the park by boat, bicycle or on foot, you will get a taste of everything in this adventure land. The

weather conditions in the Everglades may affect the availability of some activities, hence make sure if a specific

trip is presently running before you are making plans for an Everglades tour. For instance, canoe tours aren’t on

offer during the summer due to the scorching heat. When traveling or camping in the Everglades Park you need

to carry a map for easy navigation.

There are several Everglades camping locales available for RV’s and tents. If you share a passion for camping,

then you can make your way to the famous Long Pine Key Campground. This campsite is located

approximately seven miles from the park’s prominent entrance and comes well-armed with water, restrooms,

and festering dump station.

Everglades is for everybody. The adventure land ensures you have a good time exploring its wildlife. And then,

there are other choices too like bird watching, kayaking or canoeing. For adventurous tours and packages,

contact us today.