Yellowstone is Boring! Everglades National Park is Not!

Posted by on Dec 18th 2015

Yellowstone is Boring! Everglades National Park is Not!

Enjoy Everglades National Park right in the Magic City’s backyard. The wet sawgrass prairies, dry tropical

pinelands and hardwood hammocks, mangrove swamps and Florida Bay and Gulf Coast estuaries are a great

base to explore wildlife as never before.

Adventures to Offer

The Everglades has several adventures to offer to its vacationers. You may take a short walk from the Anhinga

Trail and see wildlife in plenty. Some of the amazing creatures that you are likely to find here are turtles, herons

and of course alligators! Climb on top of Shark Valley's 65-foot observation tower and see the glades from an

altogether different perspective. And then, there is nothing like gliding over Florida Bay by taking a boat tour or

kayak to get a glimpse of a manatee, crocodile, or dolphin.

You can also spend a beautiful evening watching the sun setting over Flamingo, the southernmost pinnacle in

mainland Florida. And to explore the pinelands on your own pace you may take a bike tour, paddle amidst the

mangroves on Nine-Mile Pond, or tour the famous Nike Hercules rocket base.

There is nothing like joining a ranger deep into the heart of a cypress ground. And if finding solitude is your

ultimate mantra on your week-long canoe trip, then you can camp along the 99-mile Wilderness Waterway.

With infinite things to explore, you’ll certainly have a great time in the Everglades. A fan boat ride is one of the

enthralling activities that you can experience in the Everglades.

Frog hunters introduced the concept of fan-powered airboats. They were exhausted to shaft through the

sawgrass and that too at a high speed. The moment the boat takes speed, you’ll literally feel the gush of air on

your face. What seems as an added advantage is that you don’t need to take a walk for miles so as to get one.

You’ll find one waiting outside the Everglades. Take an airboat tour and make your way for an adventurous


Airboat Tours: An Exciting Affair

If you are interested in an adventurous experience, then all you can do is board a fan boat and head for an

exciting journey to the Everglades.

Whether you are an independent traveler or are traveling in a group, an airboat ride will suffice to your needs.

The joy of riding an airboat is something that you cannot always express in words. Moreover, sailing across the

River of Grass has its own charm. On your trip, the captains promise to show you some of the most implausible

sights that you have never seen before. And don’t forget to keep your eyes and ears open as you never know

when you’ll come across an alligator or other endangered species.

Young or old, everybody falls for an airboat ride to the Everglades. It is perhaps the best transportation option

that takes you to this adventure land and helps you explore its treasures. Whether you share a passion for

blooming flora and fauna or simply want to laze around the nearby areas, an airboat ride attends to your needs.

Take our tours and packages and get ready to enjoy the sweet fragrance of this marshland.