Tour the Everglades on a Canoe

Posted by on Dec 31st 2015

Tour the Everglades on a Canoe

There is no better way to the tour the Everglades and explore its wilderness than going on a canoe tour. Forget

about airboat tours or hiking through miles of wilderness. Canoeing through the Everglades will allow you to

spot manatees, bald eagles, storks, ospreys, herons, egrets and a few alligators basking on the shore.

Registration and Permits

If you want to canoe through the trails of the Everglades, register at the visitor’s center located in Everglades

City. There are back country campsites available along the entire route, but you cannot book in advance. The 

site is allotted on first come basis, but you can reserve your spot 24 hours in advance.

Canoeing through the Everglades

It may come as a surprise to learn the Everglades is a wonderful place to go kayaking and canoeing. The water

depth at any given point is more than a few feet and you will not find too much dry ground. You will find

mangroves everywhere with their arced roots. Just remember you may not be able to get out and rest until you

reach a campsite.

Wind and tides have a profound effect on your canoe tour and make it a point to monitor both at all times. As

you paddle, you will enjoy close encounters with birds and wildlife. Don’t worry too much about the alligators.

They do not pose a danger, but it is not advisable to swim in these waters.

Canoeing Trails of the Everglades

There are many canoeing trails in the Everglades. So, pick the one that best suits your abilities and fitness level.

Nine Mile Pond: This particular trail offers two versions. One is the longer version with a 5.2-mile loop and the

other is a short cut. You will need about four hours to cover the longer trailer and half the time for the shorter

one. This trail traverses through freshwater marsh and shallow ponds. It is perfect to spot alligators during the

winter months.

Mud Lake Loop: Begin this trail at Coot Bay Pond located on Flaming Highway. As you paddle through

mangroves and make your way into Coot Bay, keep your eyes open for crocs, sharks, dolphins, otters and

manatees. You also can fish here, but will need a license. The Coot Bay leads to Mud Lake. Follow the markers

to make your way to Bear Lake Canoe Trail and onwards to Buttonwood Canal. Then you head back the same

way, enjoying 5 wonderful hours of canoeing.

Wilderness Waterway: This is a challenging trail and not for the faint hearted. It runs for 99 miles and begins

from Flamingo all the way to Everglades City. This will be one tour of the Everglades that you will never


It is fun and interesting to challenge yourself by opting for a canoeing tour of the Everglades. Choose a trail to

suit your needs and make it a tour of the Everglades that you will cherish a lifetime. Contact us today to arrange

your tour of the Everglades. We will arrange everything for you, so that you can take in the serene and tranquil

beauty of this natural wonder. Come, tour the Everglades and enjoy those wonders of nature that you will not

find anywhere else.