The Thrilling Alligator Tours in the Everglades

Posted by on Dec 22nd 2015

The Thrilling Alligator Tours in the Everglades

When you see a nature program on the TV, it is fascinating the way animals function in the wild. Most people’s

experience of wild animals is restricted to watching such programs and they never get the opportunity to get

close and personal with animals in the wilderness.

When you come to Miami on a vacation, you can not only get close to one of the fiercest reptiles on earth, you

also will live to tell the tale to family and friends back home. Miami is the place to enjoy spectacular alligator

tours that you will never forget.

The Home of the Gators

Everglades National Park is just an hour away from Miami’s South Beach. This biosphere comprises of

saltwater marshes, Sawgrass prairies and hardwood hammocks. It is one of the biggest reserves in the country

and home to more than 20,000 Florida alligators.

This also has the distinction of being the only ecosystem in the world where alligators and crocs live side by

side. Yes, the Everglades is home to American crocodiles that inhabit the saltwater on the coastal boundaries of

the wilderness.

Besides gators and crocs, this biosphere is home to birds, snakes, wild boars, whitetail deer, raccoons and 

many more animals. The elusive Florida panther also lives in the wilderness. When you opt for alligator tours, 

you will get an opportunity to see the wildlife in their natural habitat and that is something you have to 

experience first hand to realize why people love to visit the Everglades.

Enjoying Airboat Tours

Airboat tours are the preferred way to navigate the shallow waterways of the Everglades and come face to face

with a Florida alligator. The airboat is a flat-bottomed vessel that is propelled by a huge fan at one end. Also,

known as a fan boat, an airboat skim over the shallow water and a guide takes you to the best places in the

Everglades to see alligators at close proximity.

Make sure when you opt for alligator tours, you wear clothing that you don’t mind getting wet. The airboat goes

very fast over the water and this tends to splash the water on you. Also, wear something warm to keep you

comfortable and cozy during the tour. Don’t let the warm Miami weather fool you. The high-speed tour can

make you feel chilly and cold and that is something you don’t want when you want to have fun.

After airboat tours, visitors are taken to enjoy alligator wrestling. This thrilling show involves using ancient

techniques used by Seminole Indians to capture alligators. Then, you can spend some time petting baby

alligators and even getting your picture clicked with an alligator. Wouldn’t that make a wonderful souvenir to

take home of your amazing alligator tour of the Everglades?

However, alligator tours are incomplete if you don’t dine in the Everglades. Dig in your teeth on some gator

tails or try out some sumptuous gator burgers. You will love the delicate dishes prepared by trained and

experienced chefs.

To enjoy unforgettable alligator tours and enjoy the Everglades like never before, contact us today. We will

arrange everything for you, so that you can absorb the beauty of the Everglades and learn more about the pride

of Florida – the Florida alligator.