Everglades National Park Up Close and Wonderfully Personal

Posted by www.EvergladesNationalPark.com on Feb 5th 2016

Everglades National Park Up Close and Wonderfully Personal

Over 1.5 million acres of South Florida's 4.3 million acres of subtropical, soggy backwoods acquired the status

of a national-park in 1947. And this section came to be known as the Everglades National Park. It’s one of the

nation’s biggest national parks and is appreciated by the world community as an International Biosphere

Reserve, a Wetland of International Importance, and a World Heritage Site.

Why take Everglades National Park Tours?

Get the opportunity to enjoy Miami's precious ecosystem, the Florida Everglades by taking an adventurous tour.

The tours are generally inclusive of transportation to the Everglades, an incredible airboat ride and a Wildlife

Nature Exhibit.

These tours take you to the Florida Everglades and show you some of the delightful sights ever. Board an

airboat and journey nature’s treasured wilderness made up of 1.2 million acres of hardwood hammocks and

grasslands a. An experienced tour guide will narrate your airboat ride as you slither through this adventure land

often famous as, “The River of Grass.”

While the guide takes you through this nature wonder, you can enjoy the splendid panoramic views, serenity

and lush vegetation. The joy of being amidst alligators, local flora and fauna and other exotic wildlife such as

whitetail deer, raccoons and wild boar is simply awesome and helps you take back fond memories from your


Your tour doesn’t end after an airboat ride; instead you can head for an alligator wildlife show to discover

crocodiles, alligators as well as other interesting creatures. The shows also educate you about the conservation

and preservation of one of the most subtle and essential ecological systems and not to mention its inhabitants.

Don’t forget to take home a memorable photo holding a baby alligator in your arms!

Why Visit the Everglades?

Visit the Everglades if you wish to spend the entire day hiking, biking, or boating in deep, raw backwoods with

lots of wildlife. Walk to the east of Everglades National Park, and you’ll spot the Biscayne National Park noted

for its immaculate, delightful, subtropical features. It’s the country’s biggest marine park and the largest

national park in the continental United States that houses living coral reefs. A small part of the park's 172,000

acres comprises mainland coast and remote islands, but 95% still remains underwater.

The first thing that you would perhaps notice about the park is the mangroves and their tousled masses of stilt

like roots, which condense the shorelines. They are also coined as "walking trees," by some locals. You may

also see Miami's high-rise buildings from some of the Biscayne's 44 islands; however, the park is practically

unripe and big enough to explore it on your own pace.

On the northern end of the national park you’ll find the Big Cypress National Preserve, one of South Florida's

slightest developed watersheds. Founded by Congress in 1974 to shelter the Everglades, it consists of wide-

ranging tracts of marsh, prairie, forested swamps, pinelands, and sloughs. With so much to see and do in the

Everglades, you’ll certainly have a great time here. For adventurous tours and packages, we are only a call