Everglades National Park – The Third Largest National Park in the US

Posted by www.EvergladesNationalPark.com on Feb 27th 2016

Everglades National Park – The Third Largest National Park in the US

Only two other US National Parks are larger than the Everglades - Death Valley and Yellowstone. Every year

the Park gets about a million visitors, from all over the US. In an age when the planet’s ecology is being hotly

discussed and debated, Everglade Tours are becoming very popular.

This vast expanse of rivers of grass have an amazingly rich biodiversity which has earned it the status of an

internationally acclaimed biodiversity hotspot and a world heritage site. The wetlands here are a vital stopover

for so many migratory birds and a vast variety of reptiles too. That’s what makes these Everglades tours such a

special experience.

Amazing Flora, Fauna, and Wildlife

The source of the Everglades water supply is a bountiful river which flows out of Lake Okeechobee, through

these wetlands and into the Florida Bay. It feeds these rich wetlands with the life giving water supply that has

made it one of the largest mangrove forests in the US and a much loved ecosystem which includes hundreds of

species of fish – both freshwater and saltwater. Wader birds, alligators, crocodiles, snakes and mammals are

found in abundance here. Many migratory birds roost and nest in this area.

Airboat Tours

You can enjoy all that rich biodiversity of wildlife by taking one of the many Airboat tours available in the

Park. The airboat itself is quite an interesting vehicle, built especially for this terrain. The bottom is flat and so it

maneuvers easily along the water trails.

The whirr of the large motor blades mounted high up, in the back of the boat can add to the thrill, as the boat

speeds away through this rich green landscape. The tour guides are very knowledgeable and know some great

stories to share with all the passengers on board. They will take you to just the right spots so you can watch the

alligators and other wildlife right there in their actual habitat.

Alligator Park

Visit the famous Gator Park of this area. Here you can watch the alligator shows being performed in the Gator

Pits. Trained Gator Wardens will show you tricks performed by some of the gators. They even sit on some the

gators and often play-wrestle with them for your entertainment. You can even get to handle a baby alligator

named snappy and you can take lots of pictures to share with your friends when you get back home.

Bass Fishing Tours

The Park has a very healthy population of large mouthed bass. That’s why it is a popular spot for anglers who

want to enjoy a day of serene fishing in these emerald green waters. You can either join a boatload of other

anglers or rent your own boat along with a veteran angler who will show you the best spots. Along the way you

can might also get to see the Florida Manatee and a lot of Cormorants and flocks of Great Egrets.

The Royal Palm Visitor Center and Anhinga Trail

One of the best experiences of these Everglades Tours is the Royal Palms Visitor Center. This is where you can

get a guided tour of the history of the park and what the park has to offer. Guess what? If you want to walk

through this emerald green wetland you can. Just press the button for taking the Anhinga Trails where you can

see a lot of Anhinga birds – that snakelike bird that looks almost like a Cormorant but can be distinguished by

the way it spreads its wings to dry itself in the sun.

We have a lot of experience in Everglades Tours. No matter which aspect of the Everglades Tours you want to

experience, sit down with us, and plan you trip. We can make sure you have a fantastic time.