Everglades National Park Shines so Bright

Posted by www.EvergladesNationalPark.com on Jan 20th 2016

Everglades National Park Shines so Bright

Gear up for a joyous journey to the Florida Everglades and explore a whole new world of alligators, snakes,

turtles, fish, and rare birds. And to give an authentic touch to your tour, prefer taking an airboat ride. While

sailing across the River of Grass, you’ll come to know why these delightful creatures call the Everglades their


There’s nothing like boarding an airboat and exploring exceptional wetlands. En route, the proficient guides

ensure to familiarize you with the local inhabitants. The trip takes you to a different side of Florida, perhaps the

ones that you may have never seen before.

You can double your joys by taking an alligator wrestling show. And, if you don’t mind being a bit adventurous

on your trip, then make sure to hold a baby alligator in your arms. Everglades Gator Park is a unique place

where you can get in touch with peacocks, macaws and turtles. Native snakes such as the Blackpine, Brooks

Kingsnake, Florida Kingsnake, and Red Ratsnake also live here. Some of the interesting things to do in

Everglades National Park are as follows:

Exciting Airboat Ride

A breathtaking ride waits for you! The airboat tour is an incredible way to explore the unusual wildlife of the

Everglades and that too in its natural surroundings. Experienced guides will take you to this marshland and

promise to show you alligators, both large and small. And don’t forget to carry your cameras as you never know

when you’ll come by a soft-shelled turtle or an endangered bird on your way. On top of this, make sure to hold

onto your hats as the airboat slowly gains speed and takes you to the River of Grass.

What may initially seem as a mile of flat land is nothing but an open wetland, appropriate for aquatic creatures.

In fact, an airboat ride is your sole link to the dry land in the Everglades. And if you have always longed to get

an up-close view of the tall grass, then this tour seems to be a great option. The tours usually depart at regular

intervals of 20-30 minutes; hence there isn’t any need to make advanced reservations. For a personalized

experience, you may also take private airboat tours to this eco-wonderland.

Alligator Wrestling Show for Guests

To get the true essence of the Everglades, make sure to see an alligator wrestling exhibit on your visit to the

Gator Park. It is indeed one of the many reasons that attract adventure seekers to this eco-adventure land. This

barehanded practice was initially brought to the limelight by Seminole Indians to confine alligators and let the

people know about the eventual power and alertness of the gators.

If you have always wanted to do something adventurous on your vacation, then there is nothing like holding a

baby alligator in your arms! You can also carry your cameras and handy cams and shoot plenty of pictures to

show your friends and family back home the joys of an alligator wrestling show.

Dining Joys

After enjoying your ride, make your way to the park’s in-house restaurant. Whether you want to taste the

traditional fare like hotdogs, sandwiches, and hamburgers or want to relish the newly introduced catfish and

frog legs, you’ll get a taste of everything.

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