Everglades National Park is a Real Life Zoo

Posted by www.EvergladesNationalPark.com on Jan 22nd 2016

Everglades National Park is a Real Life Zoo

Spread across 1.5 million acres of marshy areas, sub-tropical forests, and saw-grass plains, Everglades 

National Park is a famous public park in the United States. Located on the southern end of Florida, the park is 

home to a variety of rare and unique wildlife variety, including the Florida Panther, the West Indian Manatee, 

and the American Crocodile.

A huge area of the park is quite old, and has been explored only by researchers and adventure lovers. However,

that doesn’t imply that vacationers have nothing to see and do here. On your visit to the Everglades National

Park, you’ll get plenty of opportunities to camp, walk, and canoe across the watery and flat park famous as “the

River of Grass.”

Today, Everglades National Park stands as a confined area that engulfs one-seventh of the area famous as the

Everglades. A major portion of the northern expanses of the marshland are endangered because of the draining

and development projects going on in the park. In fact, environmentalists have alerted that in case the non-park

locales aren’t protected, the world is expected to lose an important and distinctive ecosystem.

Promising Activities

One of the best natural treasures, the Everglades National Park houses a variety of wildlife. On your visit to the

swampy habitat you can witness some of the best recreation opportunities ever! Some of the activities that are

worth trying out are as follows:

Ernest Coe Visitor Center

Keep the first day exclusively for the Ernest Coe Visitor Center. The center offers Everglades’s orientation

movies, information on ranger-led programs as well as educational exhibits.

Airboat Rides

The next significant thing that you should focus on is taking an exciting airboat tour. While some may consider

that an airboat will obstruct the serene environment of the adventure land, in reality, it’s an outstanding way to

discover the swampland! Sail across the River of Grass and on your way you can spot some of the best sights


Bicycle Trips

Get up-close with the Everglades, by taking a bicycle trip. You can either bring your personal bicycle or rent

one from the Shark Valley Visitors Center. Bicycle enthusiasts can make their way to multiple trails like the

Shark Valley Observation Tower Trail.

Options for Canoe and Camping Enthusiast

Experience the true essence of the River of Grass by getting into the water! There’s nothing like renting a canoe

or choosing one from the many backcountry and front-country camping options available.

Best Time to Visit

The wet season begins in June; summers are clammy and you can experience multiple afternoon thunderstorms

then. Usually, the best time to plan your visit to the Everglades is from November to March. And if you are

fond of wildlife watching, then make sure to plan your visit during the winters. From April to October, insects

can make visits intolerable, especially for kids.

For an amazing wildlife experience, make sure you plan a visit to the Everglades National Park soon. By boat,

on foot, or in the air, this eco-adventure land is a distinctive place that will refresh your tired soul! For

promising tours and coverages, give us a call today!