Everglades National Park Exhibits comes Bundled with Adventure

Posted by www.EvergladesNationalPark.com on Feb 10th 2016

Everglades National Park Exhibits comes Bundled with Adventure

Adventure is ever present in the Everglades, one of the few World Heritage Sites in the United States. As this

national park that attracts millions of visitors every year, you can view nearly 300 species of birds, alligators,

manatees, panthers, and much more. Another major attraction of the park is its many exhibits which focus on its

history and also its present wildlife.

Replica Native America Village

With every trip that you take in the Everglades you get a chance to learn something new. At a replica of a

Native America village you can photograph the surroundings, and find out how they lived in tune with nature in

the park. Importantly this a great place to learn more about the park’s history and the people that once called it

home, but it is also loads of fun for the entire family.

Everglades Park Exhibits and Trails at the Visitor Center

Finding your way through the entrance of the park, you will pass through the headquarters from where it is

managed and the Ernest C. Coe visitor center. Here you can glean vital information about the origins of the

park, its different birds, animals, orchids, and plants and even find out if they are endangered or not.

Once you check the important areas of the park, you can decide if you want to visit the Manatees of the Ten

Thousand Islands region or stop off at the Mangrove forest to see the alligators. Here you will also learn how to

safely travel through the park, and understand the many threats the wildlife within the area faces.

Exploring the trails around the visitor center allows you to quickly experience the best that the Everglades have

to offer. The most famous trail in the region is the Anhinga and as you make your way down it, different types

of landscapes will pass you by. Here as you walk over paved over portions and boardwalks anhingas will keep

your company. These snake birds with their curved necks are one of the most common sights in the area, but

you will also notice alligators, turtles, and Egrets around you.

If you want to visit a hardwood hammock within the Everglades then head over to the Gumbo Limbo Trail

which is pretty short and can be traversed in under an hour.

Exotic Exhibits in the Everglades

Exhibits in the Everglades are of the living, breathing variety too and they include alligators both big and small.

At these exhibit centers you can watch alligators weighing over 1,000 pounds being fed by handlers, or hug a

baby alligator and learn how they hunt and breed in the wild.

Other wildlife is also included in the exhibits, and these consist of monitor lizards, poisonous, and relatively

harmless snakes and even crocodiles.

There are also various other exotic animals such as iguanas, Florida panthers, tortoises and turtles that are kept

at farms and exhibit areas in the park. So during your tour to the Everglades you will never find yourself lacking

when it comes to entertainment.