Everglades Animal Encounters at Everglades National Park

Posted by www.EvergladesNationalPark.com on Dec 17th 2015

Everglades Animal Encounters at Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park

Lauded by many as the most diverse ecosystems in the worlds, Everglades manages to amaze in every aspect.

With raw natural beauty, swamps, abundant wildlife, and a unique ecosystem, Everglades is the perfect place to

create some truly unforgettable memories. Of the multitude of options one can avail at Everglades, what stands

out the most is the extraordinary wildlife.

With a number of wildlife tours being arranged and shows being scheduled, this region of subtropical wetlands

can appease every tourist. Irrespective of whether you’re an animal lover or not, the stunning glimpses of

wildlife you’re bound to witness will leave you angling for more!

Why Everglades Animal Encounters?

How much do you really think you know about Everglades? With an area that spans nearly 1.5 million acres,

the only way you can explore more of the highlights of this region is by seeking expert guidance. Learn to look

at the Everglades through their professional eyes as they take you to the apt spots, where you can get up-close

and personal with some of the wildest creatures at Everglades.

Places to have an Animal Encounter

Of the innumerable parks within the Everglades, Everglades Alligator Park and the Everglades Holiday Park are

the best places that offer Animal Encounter programs. If what you’re looking for is an informational and

engrossing session that allows you to get acquainted with the various species of animals, then an Animal

Encounter is the most prolific choice for you.

Things You’ll Get on an Animal Encounter

Ask the Experts

One of the key features of an Animal Encounter at Everglades is that you’ll get to drive away any queries or

questions you may have about the tour with the expert help provided. Their baffling knowledge base of

Everglades and their expertise will provide you with the necessary answers to any burning question you have.

Out-of-the-World Interactive Experience

Some of the fascinating creatures you’ll get to experience on an Animal Encounter are: blue & gold macaw, ball

python, ring-tailed lemur, alligator, skunk, albino red tail boa, Russian tortoise, carpet python, etc. An animal

encounter ensures that you get an up-close experience with all these creatures that are otherwise very elusive 

in the wild.

Safety First

Safety gets the number one priority as the Animal Encounters are designed to function in such a way so as to

facilitate maximum interaction while at the same time maintain a safe and secure environment. This makes an

Animal Encounter the most thrilling, educative and safest activity to indulge in with the entire family.

Perfect Photo Opportunity

It’s not every day that you’ll have an astounding giant python wrapped around your neck or an elegant lemur

snuggling near you. Capture these amazing moments with the professional photographers present on the scene

and create a lasting memorabilia of a time well-spent.

Animal encounters in the Everglades can introduce you to the bounties of wildlife like never before. Book an

Everglades Tour that will let you experience the best of animal encounters at affordable rates!