Everglades Airboat Tours - The Best Way to Explore The Everglades’ Wildlife

Everglades Airboat Tours - The Best Way to Explore The Everglades’ Wildlife

Posted by EvergladesNationalPark.com on Nov 19th 2015

Many vacationers relate the marshy waterways of the Everglades with airboats, and envisage an airboat tour as

the best way to explore the wildlife of the area. If you too are planning for Everglades airboat tours sometime

soon, then the following choices can help you out:

Everglades Safari Park

Take an airboat ride to the Everglades Safari Park and create memories of a lifetime. Whether you are interested

in group tours or personal tour, you’ll get a taste of everything here. The eco-adventure tour features a 30-40

minute narrated boat ride where you can get information about the Everglades eco-system.

Besides, you may also watch an alligator wildlife show, visit the park’s jungle trail or stop by the observation

platform to get a spectacular view of the park. And if you are brave enough, you may even try holding a baby

alligator in your arms.

You don’t have to make any prior reservations for these tours, as they depart at regular intervals of every half an

hour. For a more personalized experience, prefer hiring a private airboat. When it comes to choosing eco-

adventure tours, you have the option of a seasonally available sunset tour, a two-hour island-hopping tour and a

40-minute or 60-minute ride into the national park with a proficient guide.

Gator Park Airboat Tours

Gator Park is a noted wildlife park, which houses turtles, alligators, wetland species, and exotic birds. Take an

airboat tour to explore its rich wildlife. The tours usually depart at regular intervals of 30 minutes. The journey

starts slowly, where you need to travel down a canal, past a false native fishing camp, and then finally head to

the River of Grass. On rare occasions, you can spot raccoons and whitetail deer here. And our professional

guide will show you the plentiful wildlife throughout these surroundings.

Why Airboat Tours are in Demand?

The boats are quite and make sure not to disturb wildlife while you sail through the swampland. The prompt

narration by the expert guides is an icing on the cake. Whether you want to sail through the saltwater part of the

Everglades and get the opportunity to see dolphins and manatees, or are interested in traveling the park's thick,

salty marshlands inhabited by alligators and bobcats, there are airboat tours available to match your changing


And for those who wish to travel on open-air trams can take a Shark Valley Tram Tour to see saw grass prairies

or climb up on the 45-foot observation deck to take in spectacular views of the landscape. Finally, you may also

take a variety of eco-tours including bird-watching trips, boat trips, kayak tours and canoe tours.

For a memorable journey through open saw grass and into Everglades National Park, prefer taking an airboat

tour. It’s an ideal way to see alligator holes, spot the vividly colored Purple Gallanule bird, soft-shelled turtles,

raccoons, and herons. So, why delay further? Plan your tour soon and get to know about the rich flora and 

fauna of the Everglades. For promising tours and packages, you may contact us today!