A Perfect Holiday at the EVERGLADES

Posted by www.EvergladesNationalPark.com on Dec 9th 2015

A Perfect Holiday at the EVERGLADES

Wilderness! Landscapes! Tropical Weather! Safaris! Airboat Rides! Camping! Alligator Tours! Looking for a

complete entertaining holiday this season? The hunt ends now. Explore one of the most beautiful places in the

United States, Everglades. Situated in the South of Florida is the perfect place for adventurous holiday.

Everglades, the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States, is a heavenly place to visit.

The hardwood hammocks, wet sawgrass prairies, Florida Bay and mangrove swamps, Gulf coast with beautiful

estuaries provides a home for the spectacular wildlife. Wildlife photography, boating, picnicking, safaris, can all

be done at one destination, Everglades.

Everglades National Park

Everglades offers a package of hundred percent adventure. Beginning with the Everglades National Park, which

covers more than 1.5 million acres of land. The adventure doesn’t end here. The National Park has endangered

species and diverse ecosystems that gives the perfect time to be spent in wilderness. The beauty and the beast

come together!

Entrance to the Everglades

The most entertaining and adventurous aspect of Everglades is that it has three main entrances. Each entrance 

to Everglades has its own beauty. Enter Everglades from North or South or by the main road. That is completely

the choice of the visitor.

The Northern Entrance - The Shark Valley

Shark Valley, rich in wild life. You can walk, take a ride or a boat to watch the diversity in nature. The Shark

Valley Observation Tower helps you to observe the valley in an angle of 360 degree. The view gives immense

pleasure. It’s a breathtaking view above the ground, watching the alligators, turtles, fishes and birds in a 360

degree angle.


Chekika, a beautiful place beside a beautiful pond with exquisite picnic tables, grills, and romance in the air.

The Gulf Coast

Everglades Airboat Tours across ten thousand islands exploring the mangroves would be more fascinating

entrance to the city of Everglades. Boaters can view birds, dolphins, manatees, and other wild life. The 99 miles

long Wilderness Waterway Trial begins here. It takes 8 days for a paddler and few days for a motor boat to

complete the ride.

The Southern Entrance – The Royal Palm

Southern entrance would be a choice for some who like to walk. A walk amongst the woods would also be

venturesome. The Royal Palm is a departure point for the two great walks: the Gumbo Limbo trial and the

Anhinga trial.

By Road

Entering the city by road can be good option too.

The journey via the Pineland Trial amongst the Royal Pine trees standing tall and together can be amazing.

Pahayokee Overlook with a raised platform gives an alluring sight of the ‘River of Grass’.

The wilderness of the United States begins here, the Mahogany Hammock Trial. Explore the diverse species

amidst the dense forest and the lush vegetation.

Everglades can be perfect vacation spot in the United States. It can be a memorable holiday to you. Rely on us

for all the tours and packages, get in touch with us today.